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Digital Performance Marketing


Expertise on driving Digital Performance (Lead, Purchase, Booking, Download) and increasing brand exposure

Why Us?


Broad & Integrated Service Coverage

We provide professional digital media services across all digital channel, experienced in implementing large scale multi-channel campaign and driving performance. We eager to integrate the most advanced Ad-Technology and media strategies tailored to your needs to accelerate your brand performance.


Professional Consultancy for Digital Performance

We guide clients through the ever-evolving media world. We find the most cost-effective strategy & precise targeting and placement to ensure right contents are delivered to the right audience in the right way, dedicating to drive up your brand performance.


Performance Analytics & Cross Channel Data-Driven Attribution

Our performance analyst dig deep into the sea of data to help optimize your project and ROAS. With wide range of 3rd party tracking tools and machine learning cloud, we visualize the most granular customer journey, performance attribution and analyze to your brand, providing you the most comprehensive vision on your overall digital media performance.

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Channel-mixed strategy & Integrated Digital Performance Analyse
Super Park
From Local to regional project

From paid and organic media channel mix, also many effort from data and digital media expert, with Analytics cloud technology, successfully maximize sales conversion rate/ revenue. 

Following with a strategical performance campaign, the ROI used to be high at 2750% . Now It becomes multi-countries regional project, after two successful years on driving local digital performance.