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The Most IN Branding Campaign Across The Globe

Linkedin Awarded Global Campaign - The XCMG Apprentice

Guru has been working with XCMG for over 4 years in developing the serial XCMG Apprentice campaign, by recruiting younger engineers worldwide as apprentices to XCMG for 1 week visiting and experience the corporate culture and manufactories.

The campaign shows not only the life of apprentice in XCMG but presents the true picture of XCMG’s technology advancement as well as the friendly culture to audience on social media, which helps to modernize the brand image of this government-own B2B company.

Benefitted from the remarkable achievements, XCMG has won the global communication award from LinkedIn at #ConnectIn2019.



>100,000,000 total impressions

>2,300,000 total engagement

>2,600,000 video views

>200,000 new followers


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