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Revolutionary Social Rejuvenation for the 180-year-old Brand

Rebranding Campaign and Social Content Strategy - Ricqles

To transform Ricqles into an energetic brand to appeal to millennials, we revolutionized a rebranding campaign to maximum exposure with a minimal budget. We leveraged millennials’ mentality on enjoying the feeling of being challenged the impossible. We then delivered a viral challenge about dropping Ricqles on ice-cream to turn it into mint flavour and followed up with a real demonstration video. The video quickly became a hot topic and gave a reason for purchase and acquired customers from word of mouth. To sustain the momentum, we created thematic content series of creative recipes with similar twist on seasonal treats to reinforce its edible feature of “內服外用” for top-of-mind awareness. The campaign gained tremendous success in both online and offline from free earned media exposure to an increase in sales with larger fan base.

Until now, we continue to maintain an approaching image and entice millennials with resonating Facebook contents and signature comical visual tonality riding on childhood memories, local slangs, piggyback on trending topics and wall game along with a casual chit-chat community management to emotionally connect with fans and build strong loyalty.



>90% fans growth

>2,400,000 total reach

>300,000 video views



Branding, Social, Video Production