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An O2O Journey to Unbox Your Personalized Surprize

O2O Kiosk - Lancome Happiness Sparkle

To spread the joy and wonder during Christmas time as well as stimulate festive sales of pop-up stores and flagship stores of Lancome, we established an O2O campaign containing both online intelligence and offline retailtainment to create synergy. The theme “Happiness Sparkle” with pink ribbon as the key element penetrated the entire campaign, which symbolized a gift to our beloved one to show our thankfulness and love.

Within online, Facebook Messenger bot and WeChat game were set up for the audience to get Christmas product set inspirations by answering simple questions. Furthermore, they enabled participants to customize a ribbon with greeting message and name, and wrap the gift by finger motions. The gift could be shared with friends in order to gain premium product samples.

Hence, by visiting the kiosk placed at store, participants could unwrap the gift box on screen and get their personalized ribbon printed with customized messages as well as product sample to complete the whole O2O journey.




>9,000 form submission

>6,000 social shares

>3,000 offline redemption

>1,000 offline walk-in participation



Chatbot, Kiosk, Web Production, WeChat