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The First-ever Global Fans Party

First-ever Facebook Fans Party - Hi 5 Hangzhou Global Fan Gala

On the 5th birthday of Hangzhou Tourism Commission’s social media presence, we elevated our ways to promote Hangzhou transcendent beauty by throwing the 1st Facebook fans birthday party in NYC, for fans to experience the things they love but cannot feel online. This birthday party is a journey of Hangzhou’s proud heritage with innovations and traditions, including tea-tasting, silk fashion workshop, VR drawing, DIY paper fans and marvelous show by world famous pianist Lang Lang from China. Representatives from the United Nations, KOLs from the U.S., Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic also joined the event and gave their warmest greetings to Hangzhou. As part of the series, 10 social media influencers were invited to relish a 6-day in-depth tour in the city and share their genuine opinions on the experience. The campaign tapped on the advantages of omni-channel social media strategy including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat.



>4,000,000 Facebook impressions

>200,000,000 potential audience reached globally

2 New York Times advertorials

Media coverage on over 750 outlets


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