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Play #Hashtag to The Fullest

Social & Web Campaign - Audi Q2 #Untaggable

To open up new Audi Q2 to its strategic segment in Hong Kong – the young urban target group – we localized the global concept #Untaggable across multiple digital and offline channels. We stood out the Audi Q2 #Untaggable campaign amid social with Play it Social as our core campaign strategy. We dared to play with #hashtag videos to the fullest across social media platforms, enthused users with real and unexpected hijacks with situational relevance. A gamified mobile site was built to engage with this mobile-first generation as well. In 4 immersive maps of popular Hong Kong locations, participants could race to cruise the Audi Q2 to own various #hashtag letters at their fingertips. The #Untaggable campaign successfully won in the red sea with immense creative engagement and delivered the message “the best things in life are impossible to label”.



>1,040,000 video view

>336,000 unique site visits



Social, Video Production, Web Production