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The Unprecedented Large-scale Unmanned Store in HK

The First Unmanned Store in HK - AlipayHK 星爍無人店 & 未來生活館

To enhance Alipay’s leading image of mobile payment app in Hong Kong, we launched an unmanned store at Olympian City by providing a unique and unprecedented customer experience. We immersed visitors with face and smile recognition at the entrance to kick-start the journey. Inside the pop-up store, a music cafe with a self-served robotic coffee barista was installed to surge purchase incentives by the app. We turned ordinary shopping experience into extraordinary by utilizing RFID technology to automatically track the purchases. A QR code tunnel for e-coupon redemptions was built as a photo-worth attraction and to make it more viral on social media.


Followed by the success of the unmanned store at Olympian City, the application of smart technology was also expanded to Cityplaza. Other than the smile recognition at the entrance, a smart kiosk was also set up at the venue for visitors to play, learn and pay for the goods on their own.



Influencer, O2O, Smart Technology